Social Events

Promitheas Badminton Club is keen to bring people together outside the club. Last year we organised a very successful beach party at Geroskipou Beach Paphos and plan on doing so again this year. Keep a look out for more information.

We have also recently organised an evening out at Gabriel’s Taverna, Kouklia where the atmosphere was relaxed and fun.

See our gallery for pictures of both events or click on the links below.

Speaking of fun, we have also organised fun tournaments within the club and plan on expanding this to other clubs in the future by inviting them to Paphos.

Promitheas Badminton Club is also happy to support charity organisations. Recently we held a tournament for PASYKAF and attended their fun day.

Gabriels Taverna, Kouklia Paphos is a sponsor of Promitheas Badminton Club.
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